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Are you currently a weight camping trip together with your buddies? Be sure to take along some helpful existence hacks and lots of funny pranks, so the journey isn’t just enjoyable, but additionally fun!

Supplies and tools

• Canvas

• Pencil

• Marker

• Hot glue gun

• Pompoms

• Twine

• Card board box

• Paper cups

• Utility knife

• Acrylic paints

• Silver spray paint

• Tulle

• Scissors

• Visor

• String of sequins

• Nylon tights

• Fruits and vegetables

• Foam paper

• Empty eye patch package

• Stabilized moss

• Superglue

• Hands sanitizer

• Branches

• Salami

• Cheese

• Herbs

• Pack of chips

• Blueberry

• Milk chocolate

• Foil

• Plastic bottle

• Ketchup bottle

• Ketchup

• Edible glitter

• Gummy snake

• Skewer

• Toy beetle

• Glitter

• Acrylic polish

• Soap

• Metal box

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16 Camping Pranks And Life Hacks
16 Camping Pranks And Life Hacks
16 Camping Pranks And Life Hacks
16 Camping Pranks And Life Hacks

16 Camping Pranks And Life Hacks

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